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Grad School

Posted by jeggent on April 22, 2011

I titled this post Grad School because that is why I haven’t been posting.  I’m pretty sure the next 8 weeks are going to be pretty bad too, but I should have a bit of a break after that.  Since the last posting we did get our award letters out on time, hurray!  I’ve also done some kind of interesting things with Pop Update, particularly with having terms building new budgets when an ISIR comes in after a budget already exists.  We’ve also started making much more use of External Award, including “Process SF External Award” and “Process External Award File”.  Along with External Awards, we have begun using the new Repackaging functionality.  Finally, we are now sending e-mails out over night in a jobset using 3C engine and ComGen.  It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I was afraid and wish we would have started it sooner.  When I next come back to post I’ll likely break-down one of these processes and share our setup and implementation.