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Americans with Disabilities Act »

For my first blog, as I thought it would be interesting to write about something that I have a little bit of familiarity with. I chose the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Back in April, my company (National Amusements movie theaters) sent all of its managers to a presentation from a lawyer who deals entirely […]

Graves Interview Questions for Discussion »

Why don’t we call it “writing process” anymore? Is that just a reference to the strictly regimented steps that many of us went through as students? As teachers of writers, should we be moving away from these steps? What confuses me about this statement is what exactly is being described when we say “writing process,” […]

Planning My Interview »

1)      Matthew LeFevre – English 7 – AP at Toledo Islamic Academy 2)      I hope to conduct the interview in person, but may have to do so over email if scheduling conflicts 3)      Goals a.       Learn about aspects of teaching writing that the teacher may find difficult or problematic b.      Learn about aspects of teaching […]

Informal Response – Write in the Middle »

The video defintely had some interesting points on the teaching of writing. From the beginning, I liked the emphasis that they put on giving students a safe environment to do their writing. I agree that this is a very important aspect on the teaching of writing. The process can be quite revealing. Even when not […]

Chapter 4 – Question for discussion »

On page 139 Neman discusses the use of colorful language and rythmic syntax. This is something that I have considered a lot in my writing since a paper I wrote my sophomore year where my professor told me that, though my writing was fundamentally solid, it was very dry and boring and should include more […]

Chapter 1 Informal »

The Challenge of Teaching Writing                 While reading the first chapter of Teaching Students to Write, I was struck by how many things made perfect sense to me. The ideas that were presented were clear and their purposes were obvious, which is a very unusual situation for me to find myself in when reading a […]

My Survey – Check It Out »

Here’s the survey from the first assignment. I made my answers bold since you can’t realy circle things, at least not that I know of… Writing and Teaching Attitudes Survey   The questions that follow are designed to elicit your feedback as a student, a writer, and one who is interested in teaching writing to […]

Hello Everybody »

I’ve never done a blog before, so let’s just see how this goes!