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Informal Responsification »

In watching the video, I definitely enjoyed a couple of the things that I saw Jack Wilde do. It seemed like he had an effective approach, and what he did worked well for both him and his students, which is the most important aspect in deterimining a strategy for teaching ANYTHING. The first thing that […]

Down Syndrome »

In each of my entries that I have written, I have in some way related what I discussed to a personal experience of my own, and I wanted to continue that theme here. Over the last couple of years, I have gotten to know my girlfriend’s young cousin, Max, who has Down Syndrome. I have […]

? for Discussion »

I have a question that would probably annoy myself if I was the teacher and I was teaching prewriting: Do you HAVE to prewrite. I am not saying that ignoring this stage of the process is the way to go for every student, but honestly I have produced some work off the cuff that was […]

Blog #2 – Are We Taking Care of Our Students With Disabilities? »

I thought it would be appropriate to blog about accessibility and disability awareness issues, since today I spent 7 hours in a wheelchair for an outside experience. This experience has definitely given me a lot to think about in terms of what life is like for those in wheelchairs, which I will write about in […]

You Mean I Actually Have to Say Something!?!?! »

A section of Chapter 2 that really had a lot of meaning to me was the section on page 44 titled “But Why Must the Organizing Idea Be Arguable?”. This is something that I struggled with greatly as I got into high school and had to start writing research papers. As Neman states, “Our students […]

Good Class Setting »

My one sentence statement was: “I think the best setting for any class, especially one for writing, is one where students can feel comfortable openly sharing and debating ideas.” I feel that this is extremely important, especially in English. With other subjects, students¬† may¬† feel that they open themselves up for embarassment, perhaps if they […]