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Debate Lesson Plan Schedule Day 1 – Introduction –       Freewrite activity o   Prompt: What makes a topic arguable? What are some topics/positions that you would feel strongly arguing about? –       Class Discussion o   Discuss the qualifications of an arguable topic o   What are topics that students would want to debate (list on the board) o   […]

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Erich Koerner Informal Unit Plan – Debate ·         I would like to teach this lesson in the second quarter of an 11th grade English class. I feel that the reasoning and writing skills that will be addressed over the course of this unit will be beneficial to students as they work on their college applications […]

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Erich Koerner Lee Nickoson-Massey English 484 17 March 2009 Informal Response – Audience and Voice             One interesting section the chapter is where Neman talks about simulating an audience and finding an actual audience (198-200). This is something that I always struggled with conceptualizing as a student of writing. Many times I have been asked […]