Daily Archives: August 31, 2012

Review of new Lillios CD

“…one would expect that contemporary masters of the medium would have appeared by now, the pioneering phase having been over for some time. Of course, this is the case, and there are several composers who fit nicely into this category. One of these is composer Elainie Lillios, and her mastery of the medium is aptly demonstrated in her excellent new CD, Entre espaces….”



Color Field Ensemble receives Chamber Music America grant

Chamber Music America, the nation’s leading advocate and proponent of chamber music, announced nearly $600,000 in grants to 38 ensembles and presenters around the county, including the Color Field Ensemble.

The CFE performs and commissions music of the 21st century by emerging composers  from diverse backgrounds, focusing on multi-disciplinary experiences and works which reflect the  interrelationship between the visual and performing arts. CFE is a collective of musicians, artists, and
composers dedicated to the creation, production, and proliferation of contemporary performance. In  addition to numerous performances, the ensemble is deeply involved in contributing contemporary music to
underserved arts communities in the Midwest, having produced an annual festival for Contemporary Music  in Madison, WI since 2010. Primary founding members and organizers of the ensemble are Amanda  DeBoer Bartlett, soprano, James Fusik, saxophonist, and Karl Larson, pianist, who met while pursuing the
Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Contemporary Music at Bowling Green State University.