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New Music Ensemble call for scores

The College of Musical Arts at Bowling Green State University has a rich tradition of promoting contemporary music through performance, education and outreach.  Home to the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music, the college hosts the annual Music at the Forefront Series as well as the BGSU New Music Festival, now in its 33rd year.  Additionally, the college maintains a very active Music Technology program, offers a DMA in Contemporary Music with specializations in composition or performance and continually encourages its students, in all degree programs, to engage with the music of our time.


The New Music Ensemble at BGSU wishes to contribute to this tradition by offering a call for scores for performance on their February 14, 2013 concert.



Guidelines for the Bowling Green State University New Music Ensemble 2013 Call for Scores

To view a pdf document of the information below, please use the following URL:




Performance on the BGSU New Music Ensemble’s February 14, 2013 concert, a concert audio recording and/or DVD video as well as the option of having the performance streamed live on the web.



Submission fee:





Composers of any age, nationality or institutional affiliation, except those currently enrolled in or employed by Bowling Green State University.



Important dates:

– November 1 (11:59pm EST), 2012 – submission deadline (received)

– November 9, 2012 – selected work/composer announced via email

– November 30, 2012 – professional quality performance materials due from winner (received)



Required submission materials (online submission only, see end of posting for details):

-1 PDF file of the score, clearly labeled (composer_title_score.pdf). Details below.

-1 PDF information document, clearly labeled (composer_title_info.pdf). Details below.



Optional submission materials:

-1 mp3 audio file, clearly labeled (composer_title_audio.mp3). Details below.



Score specifications:

-File clearly labeled (composer_title_score.pdf)

-8-15 minutes in total duration

-Instrumentation may be any subset of 7-14 players from the following list:

2 flutes (doubling piccolo)

1 oboe

2 clarinets (doubling bass or Eb clarinet)

4 saxophones total (S, A, T, B, multiples of one type possible)

1 bassoon

2 horns

2 trumpets

2 tenor trombones

1 tuba

2 percussionists (standard orchestral and wind ensemble percussion instruments available)

1 piano

1 harp

1 soprano voice

1 mezzo-soprano voice

2 violins

1 viola

1 violoncello

1 contrabass


-Works that incorporate electronics will be considered, include technical details in score preface

-Works that require an instrumental soloist will not be considered



Information document specifications:

-File clearly labeled (composer_title_info.pdf)

Please include–

-Composer name

-Composition title and date of composition

-Mailing address

-Email address

-Telephone number

-Composer bio (short)

-Instrumentation of submitted work

-Brief program note of submitted work

-Performance history of submitted work


If submitting a recording (optional), please include the following information on the information document as well:

-Performing ensemble

-Date of recording

-Composers are encouraged to include timing cues (for example, 0:36-1:42) and correlating score location (page and measure number) for 1 or 2 excerpts that they feel are most representative of the work.

Recording submission specifications (recordings are optional):

-The mp3 file should be labeled clearly (composer_title_audio.mp3).

-Mp3s of MIDI mock-ups will be accepted, but are not encouraged.

-Please send a single, complete file (timing cues may be indicated on your information sheet). Multiple files will only be accepted if the submitted work is in multiple movements.




Submission instructions:

-All pdf and mp3 files should be uploaded to a single, new, clearly labeled folder within the composer’s Dropbox account. (The Dropbox file hosting service is easy to use, reliable and highly preferred, www.dropbox.com).

-A URL link to download this folder from Dropbox should then be sent from the composer’s email address to the following email address: cjdietz@bgsu.edu

-Files sent as email attachments will not be accepted and will not be opened.




-One composition will be selected for performance. However, the selection committee has the right to decline any and all submissions for performance should none be acceptable for the project. The selection committee’s decision is final and may not be appealed.



Questions? Please contact:


Christopher Dietz, Director

Bowling Green State University New Music Ensemble