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Results 5th Annual BGSU Chamber Music Competition

Below please find the results of the final round of the 5th Annual
Chamber Music Competition held Sunday, Feb. 20 at 3:00 PM in Bryan

Congratulations to all those who participated, their studio teachers
and coaches!!!


First Place: FOUR CORNERS QUARTET (Noa Even, coach)
Xiao Han, soprano saxophone
Ryan Hurd, alto saxophone
Corey Whitt, tenor saxophone
Anthony Nicolia, baritone saxophone

Second Place: FLOW LIKE WATER (Roger Schupp, coach)
Alvin Dawson, percussion
Jacob Bori, percussion
Elizabeth Hall, percussion


First Place: YING QUARTET (John Sampen, coach)
John Cummins, soprano saxophone
Drew Sevel, alto saxophone
Pin-hua Chen, tenor saxophone
Elissa Kana, baritone saxophone

Second Place: COLOR FIELD ENSEMBLE (Jane Schoonmaker Rodgers, coach)
Amanda DeBoer, soprano
Karl Larson, piano
Spencer Prewitt, clarinet

(Submitted by Douglas Wayland)