Scott Major – A film major at BGSU

I had the chance to sit down with Scott Major last week and talk about his time and experience as a film major at Bowling Green State University. Click the link below to here the interview. Scott Yoder – FilmWire by theferd53

The film scene in Bowling Green

Although Bowling Green is a smaller community in comparison to other larger cities in Ohio, it still offers a variety of different film and theatre options. There are several places in BG that provide entertainment and education regarding film, movies and theatrical performances and this map will allow you to see where all of these […]

Local Theatre Offers New Movies at a Cheaper Price.

With the cost of movies going up, it’s getting harder and harder to justify oneself to go to the movie theatre. With a national average ticket price of $7.50 for a movie (according to the National Association of Theatre Owners) people seem to be looking for others means of entertainment. Luckily for the students and citizens […]

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