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‘The Avengers’ film at a stand still

It’s no secret that Marvel Studios has been working diligently to write, shoot and release the necessary superhero films in order to create their big boy, The Avengers. Unfortunately, Samuel L Jackson‘s script was stolen, resulting in a story breakdown of the film. The person who stole the script quickly turned around in attempts to […]

The film scene in Bowling Green

Although Bowling Green is a smaller community in comparison to other larger cities in Ohio, it still offers a variety of different film and theatre options. There are several places in BG that provide entertainment and education regarding film, movies and theatrical performances and this map will allow you to see where all of these […]

It’s Oscar Time!

The Oscars are here! We all know and love the popular categories, but what about one in particular that never gets the attention it deserves? I tackle the visual effects category and predict a winner!

Warner Bros. releases full film apps

You read right. Warner Bros. has released full versions of their films as apps for the iPod, iPhone and iPad platforms. Apple users rejoice! They’re currently offering two films via the app store; The Dark Knight and Inception. Although these two have been available now for some time on DVD, Blu-Ray and digital download formats, […]

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