Chapter 4: Potential of Excellent Education through Technology

Chapter 4 of Web 2.0 new tools, new schools brought up a good question to my mind.  What technology would I use in my classroom and how would I implement it into the lessons?  As discussed and shown through the chapter, there are many different types of technologies to be used in the classroom.  Whether the tools are gathered from this chapter, previous chapters, or further- on chapters, this book provides many ideas for educators.  Whether you are a teacher of mathematics or a teacher of a foreign language, there are web 2.0 tools that can be well implemented into your curriculum.  As teachers search and discover the vast amount of technological tools, they will observe their classroom transform into an atmosphere of high learning.  When teachers relate well to their students, then students tend to desire to listen to and respect that teacher more.  Upon more students listening and interacting, more learning and retaining will occur due to a desire to retain and due to a repetition of the information.  By the philosophy of successful teaching, technology proves to be an important tool in education. 

If I were asked, what tool would you implement into your classroom, I would respond with the use of podcasting discussed on page 82 of the Web 2.0 new tools book.  Beyond the fact of using podcasting as a tool to teach my students, I would use podcasting as a tool for the students to use and learn.  First I would use podcasting to allow the students to hear some of the lessons if they needed to while at home (of course making accommodations for students unable to have access to Internet).  This way, students are able to re-listen to the lesson and discover more of what they may have missed during class.  Another idea of why podcasting can be so helpful to the students and to me as a teacher is that students who miss a day of class, can then just check out the podcast and stay right on task with the rest of the students.  Once the students understand some of the podcasting and how the whole system works, I will then implement a fun activity that they can do over a longer weekend.  The ideas and methods of use of podcasting are vast and I do see it as a impacting tool in my future classrooms and career.  From this point-of-view, I wonder how I would get the students to start using it.  With time going by and the students comfort around podcasting increasing, I would have the students work on an in class project that involves podcasting.  It would not be a very easy project, but it would not be extremely difficult either.  My idea of educating is bringing about some challenge to the students, in hopes of opening up the options for growth.  As the students complete their individual podcasting project, I will have them do some presentations on their podcast and explain some of what they shared and why they chose that style for their podcast.  After some days and classes, I will then break the students into groups and have them work as teams to complete a project cohesive with the course.  For example, lets say I am teaching an international business course and the unit is global awareness.  Near the end of the unit as a final assessment, I would have these teams develop a podcast describing what a business would need to know about a country in order to help decide if they would desire to pursue investing into the country.  An idea for the time allowance would probably be around 2 weeks.  Overall, these are just a few ideas I have on the top of my brain, but I see the potential for using podcasting in the classroom.  The use of technology alone is what will be an influential part of my courses, but what will really drive the progress is getting the students interacting and guiding them only a little as they take the classroom to the next education level of peer learning.  I am excited to discover more possible technologies and how I can implement them into my curriculums’; the field of education is growing and my generation will be the ones to implement the necessary change.

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