Business Podcast Response: Module 4

I found a podcast site by Kiplinger, and the title of the podcast that I listened to was “Put More Cash in your Pocket”.  This was an interesting podcast.  My initial reaction to the podcast was that I felt as if I were back in my finance class.  The podcast was about personal finance and even more specific, bonds and stock.  This podcast was similar to an interview situation where a lady was talking to one of the experts and they were discussing in detail strong finance investments.  The main thing I took away from it is that investing into a foreign market could allow for a larger return in money (a higher return percent that here in the states).  The site for this podcast is located at

  1. Sounds like a valuable podcast to have your students listen to if teaching a finance class or lesson.

    1. If you are, keep in mind that this may be something from a $2,000 scholarship up
      to a $25,000 award. Online classes or “distance learning” are not as nearly strict as
      physically attending your class. The course is under the same curriculum as the campus courses, but you do not have the professor in
      the class explaining things to you.

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