Chpt. 3: Educate and be Educated through Innovative Resources

Every person eventuallly loses interest in a classroom.  This brings up one of the tasks for teachers of diversifying the learning styles.  Each class day should have some differences than the other class days.  Furthermore, teachers should find ways of implementing differentiated instruction into all of their lesson plans throughout the entire year.  This is a task in itself besides developing the lesson plans and managing the classroom.  So it is understandable if a teacher has a difficult time utilizing other types of tools for student’s learning; but for a teacher to be the best educator they are able to be, they need to use additional resources.  An additional resource of excellent potential is the iPod.  As more educators utilize the iPod into their lesson plans, the more you will see students relate to their teachers, resulting in higher levels of comprehension.  Part of this idea was taken from chapter 3 in the Web 2.0tools book.  This chapter brought up the idea of possible tools for teachers to use in helping students comprehend more of the information.  One of their tools which I find fascinating includes the iPod.  In my Teaching Students with Disabilities class, my professor explained and showed us possible ways teachers are able to use iPods in their lessons.  Whether the iPod is used for PowerPoints, podcasts, quizzes, presentations, games, notes, activities, and or more; there is no debate that teachers will find the effectiveness of using iPods in their student’s learning. 

Beyond the basic types of tools similar to Word, Excel, Access, Movie Maker and PowerPoint; the Internet provides a near limitless amount of tools and resources that teachers could use in their classes.  Imagine with me: a normal sized classroom with 25 students.  Each student most likely knows at least 5 reliable non-overlapping websites to use for research and learning.  That is a total of 125 resources at each students fingertip, via the Internet for one classroom.  What am I talking about?  I am bringing up the tool of social bookmarking.  The idea was brought to my mind on page 58 of the Web 2.0tools book.  Social bookmarking involves students sharing websites with other students via a site like delicious, where one person can save and access their reliable websites from anywhere and then share them with others.  With this all in thought, now think about how many resources the students and teachers would all have access to if a whole district shared their reliable websites with one another.  Not to mention too deeply, what if schools started to implement interaction with other schools around the world.  Resources in the school systems would literally be unlimited.  I do not observe our school systems being far from this, and as we get closer to this type of education, not only will the use of technology increase, but the size of the student’s retained information will increase.

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    1. I think that thoughts you had about how students can collaborate and gain a limitless library of knowledge and links to share with each other use to enhance their learning. Cool thought!

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