Portfolio Piece #1

Portfolio Piece #1



The piece of artwork that I chose to do was Lesson 28: Geometric Shape (page 72 in Prince’s Art is Fundamental textbook).  My example was made in several steps.  The first step was getting the outlines of the shapes onto the paper.  Using cardboard shapes and a pencil, I traced shapes so that they overlapped and created new shapes or even left interesting amounts of ‘negative space.’  The next step was going over the pencil lines in black marker.  Lastly, the different shapes had to be colored in.  Nothing was left uncolored, and no shapes that shared a side were colored the same color. 


I chose to do this because upon finding the lesson, I saw all the mathematical concepts that this lesson presents.  With math as my favorite subject, I thought this lesson was a great way for children to explore with shapes and see first-hand how crossing lines often create new or unusual shapes. 

One thought on “Portfolio Piece #1

  1. dominic
    3:51 pm - 2-21-2009


    Really like the math connections here with this lesson–the use of geometric shapes can be found in so many artist’s works-Mondrian to Frank Lloyd Wright–you could really build a great art/math unit!

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