Portfolio Piece #2

Portfolio Piece #2

For my second portfolio piece, I chose to do “Introduction to Form” (Lesson 40, pages 90-93 in Prince’s Art is Fundmental text).  To make this 3-dimensional object, I used a 12″ by 18″ piece of construction paper.  I folded it three times to make 4 equal folds.  Along the middle fold, I cut many slits, each an inch apart and 3 inches in length (each which extended to the second set of folds).  This enabled me to form a triangular prism once folded.  After cutting off one of the slits, I was able to fold the prism to make the circular form that was my end product. 

I chose to do this lesson because I feel that children do not get as much experience with 3-D art as they do with 2-D art.  This introduction would allow me to teach my children how a 2-D object (a piece of paper) can be transformed into a 3-D one.  Even I was amazed at how the final form looked, knowing it came from a flat, simple piece of paper.

One thought on “Portfolio Piece #2

  1. dominic
    3:52 pm - 2-21-2009

    this really continues your math connections and I agree, if we can bring in 3D work with the kids early on it’s just great! Thank you for staying on top of these proects–you’re doing a great job!

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