Response to Frohardt Text

            The textbook for ARTE244, Teaching Art with Books Kids Love by Darcie Clark Frohardt, is possibly the best textbook I have ever read.  It is divided into three sections (Elements, Principles, and Artistic Styles), each of which took about 30 minutes to read.  Also, each section contained definitions of its subcategories; examples of Fine Art that contained each principle, element, or style; examples of children’s picture books that contained each principle, element, or style; and activities and explorations that teachers can use with their classes to help them grasp each concept. 

            Besides being extremely well-organized, the reason why I found this book to be so great was that it was specific, understandable, and practical.  By specific, I mean that the information was to the point; the author didn’t waste time explaining one topic several different ways.  It was understandable because the text seemed to be worded in a way that non-Art majors, such as myself, could understand.  Lastly, it was practical because it offered examples and ideas that could be used in a real classroom.  The fact that Ms. Frohardt teaches Kindergarten herself is evident through her ability to explain the concepts in a way that other teachers can understand and offer examples that can truly be implemented by any teacher. 

            Before I read this book, I was unsure of how well I would be able to teach art to my students.  I had already learned in other classes not to use “cookie-cutter” activities (since ‘real art’ should allow children to use their creativity), but I didn’t know if I would be able to do this.  After all, I never considered myself ‘good’ at art.  However, after reading the ideas in this book, I feel that there are activities that all teachers, including myself, can use to help children with learning technique while still encouraging creativity. 

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