Map Draft Progress by Hand:

Originally I planned for the map to be 35.00 x 25.00 and it stayed as that for the final, the people at Fed Ex made the map 3 times the size and it had helped me work on parts of the map that would turn up to be pixelated, which was something that I did not want. I wanted my images to look more drawn than digitally drawn.

Final Map….. for now:

The Trigger Images/ARs :



I am going to have more environment images than people. Environments is my strongest points of making images. I need to clean out the images for the GIFs’ outlines more to have the images.

Map prototype draft: Plan and Changes

The Map so far. Mountains and the shores were added in. I need to add in waves in the lakes instead of the lines. There will be a few waves in the ocean and bay area. The ‘Skull’ needs to be defined and bold out more. I am changing the fonts for Indian Ocean and Jak Bay and the Property of Aveline Garris. The fonts on the Compass and the island are a lot more acceptable.

I will be printing out this draft to add in my own marks and writing.

Map In Progress and Compass design

First was sketched in my sketch book on Thursday and I decided to re-sketch it in Photoshop and I’m proud of it.

Since I am not able to post the entirely of the Map I have in progress, this will be a sneak peek. Remember that I will have the paper soak in tea to give it that goldish-brown color to it. I’m trying to balance out the colors and opacity for it just in case. There will be more added and fixed like the rivers. I am going to add a few mountains and temples to it as well.


I’ve talked to my adviser on the project on Wednesday and I was suggested one of the best changes to help me make more progress and to complete it. Instead of doing the journal, I will make a map of the fictional island. The map design will be based on the 1800s (the same as the setting of the world). The Map will also include notes of what had happened at the location, ARs, and illustrations or pictures pinned up on the map.

A site like this will help me on out on what the map may look like. However, I will be at the Library to study and look at 1800s maps as references this weekend.

Characters and Storyline will be updated in the next post.

Rainy Weekend p1

Due to it being Muggy and Freezing outside because of the rain this whole weekend (and I was going to continue on working in ZBrush on the Stone Material and Knife), I decided to work up on remaking the Hybrid Animal Skull



The animal was originally based on a Saber tooth Tiger as a ‘hybrid’. But I decided to add in a Crocodile feature to the nose and teeth in the future. The large canines are in process.

I should be able to have it done Sunday. Along with the Map of the world.

Update: Post Progress Sunday (late)

I forgot to post my progress. But I believe that every Sunday night I will post the progress that I have.

I may not be able to do 3D prints for this project because of the time. I might as well keep them as AR objects that will be part of the ‘found’ journal. The Journal is still in WIP. I have the Journal pages written up in Word and all I need is the material that I will create from it.

**Note: Digital Paintings are a WIP as well.



What I want to have so far since saying my Fridays will be my workdays:

Mondays/Wednesdays: Location References that I would study and my collect/use for my work.

Fridays: World Building just means me working on my project for this class.

****I’m hoping that we have time to work on the projects in class. It is a BFA STUDIO class after all. I have other things to work on outside of class as well.

Sundays: Photography will always be on a Sunday mornings– 3 pm for me. I need a break from using computers on those days.

***If I don’t have any Photography days, I could replace my World Building Cays on there too.



Mike Mignola




Mike Mignola has been an inspiration for me when I was Middle School. While everyone else was reading Marvel and DC Comics or Movies, I was reading Dark Horse Comics for Hellboy. Other than the stories and great characters Mignola has introduced, his artwork is one of my inspirations to show a inking sharp tone to his work. All of his work are based on shapes and defining the inking for shadows even if it is the smallest detail. He is self taught and he learned little from art school. And he also takes inspiration from the new artists he takes in to work for his comics.

Jaimes Jones




There is not as many articles on Jaimes Jones, but he has worked in concept art and illustrations for hit movies and video games like the Man of Steel and Destiny franchise. Jaime Jones reminds me a lot from Mike Mignola, except he focuses more on light and where to place the light in the artwork. Jones also focuses on the right strokes he makes in his work. Every mark = A light, (separate, small) detail in his work.


Do I print this out or????


As explained in class, you will be working each class period (and outside of class) on a body of work for the BFA exhibition. You will have biweekly check-points in some format (see calendar online). This contract will explicitly spell out what you will be working on during and outside of class. I will check your progress against this contract, which we will adjust depending on our conversations.

For the BFA in Digital Arts Thesis project, your body of work must fit within one of the specialized Digital Arts areas at BGSU, based on our program description:

The School of Art offers a BFA degree in Digital Arts with three areas of focus:

Computer Animation & Video – Both traditional and 3D animation, with a strong emphasis on 3D animation, as well as video art, motion graphics, special effects, and compositing. Students create character animations as well as narrative, and non-narrative experimental animations and video art works. Undergraduate students start this path through classes that explore programs such as Maya, Adobe Flash, Dragon Frame, and Adobe Photoshop, and teach techniques on how to use these programs to push creativity into new heights. Higher level classes focus on learning to tackle large scale projects, and how to incorporate different aspect of technique and storytelling into one coherent piece.

Imaging – A focus on still images including both 2D digital imaging and 3D modeled and rendered images. Emphasis on digital photography, digital painting, collage, and hybrid media. Works may be realized using various printing techniques, including large format and experimental alternative printing, as well as 3D printing. Beginning classes focus on introduction to media, and programs such as Adobe Photoshop, as well as how to work with preexisting images and how to strategize future projects. Upper level classes go further in depth on challenging artists on creating more dynamic works with their own media in a creative, thoughtful manner.

Interactive Multimedia – Emphasis on creative art development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Processing for online and mobile devices as well as installation and interactive physical artworks. These classes take the basic information from different programs and teaches students how to transform pieces from models, to interactive displays, accessible through mobile phones, tablets, and other modern media.

Projects that fall EXCUSIVELY within another discipline or something that we do not teach within the digital arts program, such as: illustration, comics, graphic novels, anime, etc. are not acceptable media for your BFA Thesis exhibition.

However, digital projects that cross boundaries are encouraged. For example, if you want to combine your digital skills with other areas, such as glass, ceramics, printmaking, etc. that is acceptable. The craftsmanship and level of skill must be equivalent to that of the BFA in 2D or 3D studies. Work that crosses boundaries will be juried by faculty in both areas (i.e DA and 3D).

The final project should be a finished work – something that you would see displayed in a gallery or film festival. In other words, a body of work that is a step in the production pipeline is not a body of finished artwork. (i.e. a storyboard or character design sheet are steps in the process, not acceptable as a body of work.)


Your contract must contain FOUR PARAGRAPHS which specify:

  1. What you will work on (type/genre of digital art, i.e. animation, video, digital imaging, installation, interactive work, etc.). Is it one piece, a series, or several works?

I will be working on Imaging. The Imaging that I will most likely be using is Digital painting such as environment illustrating. It will be a series of paintings. I will also use little for Augmented Reality and 3D Printing, If I have enough time to work on it. The AR work will be from a written journal.

  1. What idea/concept drives your project? What theme will the project address? If this is time-based, it should include a synopsis of the piece. Otherwise, it should be a concept statement.

I have this idea for years, ever since I was in middle school. I have written so much on the idea, did many sketches on it as well, but I drifted away from the idea from other ideas then from other work. A few years ago, I found my old work and I changed things up with newer ideas and sketches, but I haven’t had the time to work on it again because of school and work. I did manage to work little on the idea with few of the art assignments and I want to create the world even more.

  1. Describe the formal aesthetics and unique style and HOW that supports the concept.

I’m not sure what you mean by this, but the second answer above explains a whole lot on the support on why and HOW I wanted to do the idea.

  1. What final format will your artwork take (medium & size)? Discuss specifically how it will be displayed in the gallery (recall that each student gets about 12’ of linear wall space or 12 square feet of floor space).

The Final Format for my artwork will be displayed like a museum case or well preserved case, the 3D prints will. The Journal will either be open to show the main ARs i wanted to pop up with a monitor for it. And I want a big screen in the middle of the gallery to show off my digital environment illustrations.




Displays (In addition, you must submit:)

Digital Work and AR Display will be two monitors. 3Ds and Journal will be in case because I do not want my work to be touched or stolen. Digital Painting will display the creator of the journal and what they had discovered. This is suppose to be their found work.

Equipment for Displaying work: 3D Printing, Two Monitors (One for Environmental work. The other for AR work.)

The Production Calendar is on my Phone. All of my production time outside of class is Fridays and Saturdays since I don’t have any work to do. I may switch Saturdays and Sundays depending on how much work I need to do.

Project I: Part II and III(?)

PART I: Submit a well-written summary of where you are artistically. Questions you can considering answering:

What area(s) of digital arts do you consider your primary medium?

The types of digital art that I consider to be my primary medium is Concept Art and illustration in Adobe Photoshop. I have been working in Photoshop for 12 years.

What do you make?

I like to create many different character designs and illustrations on fictional environments.

Do you have a style?

I am unsure what type of style I have for my work. I’ve been wanting to draw realism concept art. And I have had a struggle doing this with my own creations due to art block, work and stress.

Do you tend to work on specific themes or types of ideas?

I tend to come up with ideas on my work. I always point out on my work to have a bad ending, a ‘stand out’ conflict, or a be continued scenario. I love to see work that goes down another path than the same scenario of works that I’ve seen growing up.

What is distinctive about your work?

I believe what is distinctive about my work is the colors that I use. The colors are never too bright or highly saturated. I try to keep one recognizable that sticks out for it, mostly for the characters that I design.

PART II: Find an artist / artwork that in some way is connected to yours, whether it is style, type, content, or inspiration. Refer to this work in your summary (one paragraph minimum) and if you wish, include pictures or links.

Image result for takeru san(early work)

The artist that I have had been an inspiration for me for 11 or 10 years is Daryl Toh Liem Zhan. ‘Born on the same date when Abe Lincoln was assassinated. When he’s not hunting for the paranormal in his pajamas, Daryl is a freelance-for-hire comic artist and illustrator who currently resides in Malaysia.’ If it weren’t for Daryl, I wouldn’t have had drawn humans and expand with my ideas. He made comics and mini story images in so many types of genres such as horror, supernatural, realism. I admired his color choices and the inking style he had used. His style has changed throughout the years and he is working as the commissioned artist for other ideas for a while.

Fox Gang - Splash Art by tohdraws

(present style)