BGSU blogs to require HTTPS usage beginning March 19, 2020 

On March 19, 2020, BGSU blogs will be required to use the more secure HTTPS protocol when embedding content from third-parties. As of this date, embedded links must use resources from secure (HTTPS) websites; any content that does not utilize HTTPS will be blocked by the browser. Please update any HTTP embedded content to HTTPS or contact the third-party content provider to determine available secure resources prior to this deadline to avoid linking to inaccessible content. 

The benefits of having your own blog, website, podcast, or portfolio to support your learning activities are far reaching and transforming the way people interact and learn from each other. Now, BGSU faculty, staff, and students can leverage the benefits of a personal publishing platform with the BLOGS.BGSU System.

Leverage the power of BLOG.BGSU. The following are just a few examples of ways you can use the system creatively:

  • Create a portfolio to capture and publish creative expressions via text, audio, video, and images.
  • Create a professional journal for your organization.
  • Easily share resources, insights, information, and receive feedback.
  • Archive and retrieve what you have learned.  Post it on your blog, tag it, and use the blog search engine, archives, or category listing to easily find it again.
  • Instantly access your content with RSS Feeds. Each blog produces a feed enabling readers of your blog to subscribe and get the content sent to them as soon as it is uploaded.
  • Create a personal website.
  • Have discussions with people from all over the world… International collaboration.
  • Upload an audio file to your blog and it becomes a podcast, enabling people to use iTunes and other podcatchers to download audio files to their computer and mp3 players.
  • Blogs.bgsu support mobile learning.
  • Podcast lectures and guest speakers.
  • Create a podcast show for your class where students discuss what they are learning each week.
  • Podcast interviews.
  • The potential is only limited to your imagination!

BGSU is dedicated to keeping on the forefront of technology and education and meeting and exceeding the needs of our students. We are dedicated to developing the future leaders of this information-based economy.

The BGSU Weblog and Podcast System was developed by COBL (The Center for Online and Blended Learning) and is maintained by ITS (Information Technology Services) at Bowling Green State University. Blogs.bgsu uses Google Analytics to collect and compile system traffic information.

Contact ITS for any issues or questions relating to BGSU Blogs.