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What Makes A Good Artist Portfolio?
Posted on April 12th, 2010 at 8:52 am by and

I chose to critique Ken Wong’s artist portfolio:

The strong aspects of his portfolio are the color, font color, font size, navigation, and artwork. This portfolio’s color is neutral with his artwork fading into the background, at the top. It is gray, gray-green, and dark gray which instantly draws your eye to the his artwork that is being showcased. This is a reason his art is the first thing noticed, his background is not taking away from the beauty and color in his art

Another part that makes this portfolio and good one is his choice in font color and size. He chose two different fonts and that is it for his whole website. Also, that fact they are only subtly different helps a great deal to not draw attention to the difference. He makes the font legible but not center of his website, it is at the very top and just noticeable. The font colors he chose to use are perfect for the color of his background. He made all the font white and every link to something (except the top links to other pages) yellow, which makes them stand out. This also makes the viewer want to click them because they are bold and they know it will lead them to another page.

Another good thing about this website is that it is very easy to navigate. He has set everything out at the top right corner, making the viewer able to find what they are looking for. Also, once in those pages he clearly shows where to click with the boldness of the yellow font, which either will lead you to a new page or open over top the one open. Also, by clicking his name at the top left corner will bring you instantly back to the homepage, which clever and easy!

The last thing that makes this online portfolio good is the way he placed his artwork on the site. It is the first thing the viewer notices, which is the most important aspect of the whole website. Also, he does not place ALL of his artwork on that page, which makes the viewer have to go away from the main page to see more, clever in my opinion! There are also parts that make it not as strong.

The things that make this portfolio weaker is that there is an updates right on the side and the set up at the top to navigate seems flipped. This is not a lot, which is good because I feel this is a really nice portfolio online compared to some!

The thing about having updates right on the side of the front page is convenient, yes, but not really appealing. It distracts the viewer at first to look at that. It is great to put updates but maybe he could have placed them in a a separate page or link.

The last thing that is not the greatest would have to be how he put gallery, prints, projects, and then about. This feels backwards, wouldn’t you want people to read about you first, maybe he could have switched the updates to bio? It just makes this portfolio and bit weak, it is not a huge deal, it just is sort of different. Overall this is a really good portfolio with many aspects that make it good!

3D Modeling Sketches
Posted on March 25th, 2010 at 11:57 am by and


3D Research
Posted on March 10th, 2010 at 2:17 pm by and

I chose Henry Moore because his sculptures are fluid and natural. I like these pieces because they are almost as though the stones were worn away by natural causes, like water or sand. His unique style evokes feelings by using natural contours and colors. Also, by having them highly finished it gives it that natural worn away look. It is unique because the look they have is natural but yet their locations and the fact that they are handmade gives them that uniqueness!


Eva Hesse’s sculptures are organically unique, both sculptures have a tan color and are not perfectly even. I like how she has raised the string and given it a floating airy feeling. With her repetition piece it is intriguing because they are not perfectly straight and not in a line. I found these sculptures extremely interesting and natural. I like these a lot because they are basic, yet they are very intriguing. I feel my art sometimes follows this type of thinking or basic idea.
Repetition Ninteen 111 by Eva HesseRight After by Eva Hesse
Tony Smith’s sculptures are unique in the fact that they are extremely geometric, but yet still have movement. I like this about them because it feels as though they are trying to become mobile and just start moving away. Also, another thing unique would be how he uses solid colors on these sculptures so they are even more stark and bold. What makes these sculptures so unique are the fact that they are so simplistic and giant. This is not something you will see everyday.
Walter Demaria’s sculptures are very interesting. In his sculptures he places ordinary, everyday things in different places or set-ups. These two show him using metal rods, both in perfect lines. It may not be an originally made up object, but by placing them in these ways make them unique. Almost as though he is testing the limits of every day art and objects. I like them because they are fun and a great use of metal rods! By infusing nature into his art is amazing and I love it!
Last I chose Robert Smithson’s sculptures because they are so different from each other. The Spiral Jetty is completely tied into nature, where as the Gyrostasis is angular and very geometric. I like that they are so different from each other, it is cool how he can do completely opposite pieces, but yet still have his touch to them. They both are curved like sculptures in two very unique ways!
SmithsonSpiralJettyGyrostasis by Robert Smithson
Concept Proposal
Posted on February 12th, 2010 at 1:18 pm by and

The concept for my identity film is to portray myself through movement and location. It will be about the things that make up me, instead of just portraying myself. There will be shots of my hands, feet, neck, arm, etc. but none of my face. Identity in this piece is about everything of me, but not my face.

The different types of footage I will be using in this film are medium close ups of my hand, foot, hair, leg, back of my hair, and other various body parts. These close ups will be showing things I do in my life. Also there will be at least two panorama shots that scan around to me in the distance. But I will be the only person in this video. The locations where all of these shots will be filmed are my dorm room, the Arts Village, the grassy area before the football stadium, and another outdoor area.

My intention for this piece is for the audience to see me, through my body. I want them to get the sense that identity is not just a face or a number, identity is about what makes up a person, that is why I will only be showing body parts and a me in the distance. This whole film is intended take give the audience the sense of myself without ever having to see me.

The audio that will be included in this film will be classical style music and sound effects, like crumpling paper or scratching at paint, but it will not be an overwhelming amount of noise. This will make the audience focus more on the shots in the film, than the noise and music in the background. The sequencing of shots will start out with a panorama leading to me, and then it will go to a medium close up of my hair. After the hair shot there will be close ups of my hands doing things and my feet, and to wrap of the film there will be another panorama to me standing in a different location. Timing will have to depend on the footage and things happening in the shots, so it is hard to determine right now what will be happening with the timing.