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Video Art Quiz
Posted on February 9th, 2010 at 11:54 am by and

1) Name an Early artist mentioned in the article for CONCEPTUAL WORK performing in front of the camera.
Describe a work. (2 points)

Dan Sandin helped develop the Image Processor, which led him to want to do videos. In his video Spiral PTL made a line of move in a circular motion to an accompanying soundtrack of rushing water and electronic buzzes.

2) Name an artist mentioned who deals with PERSONAL NARRATIVE. Describe a work. (2 points)

Joan Jonas’s conceptual work focused on perceptions of the female body to show the power of reception. In her piece, Vertical Roll (1972) She depicts herself as a belly dancer and a 1930s movie star. Then it drastically ripped from the screen by the electric roll. Yet all throughout this film she is banging a spoon, symbolizing domestic life, against the screen it would seem. This was done to disorient the viewer and so they feel her rage.

3) Describe the piece you were most interested in viewing after reading this article. Look the work
up on the links, and expand on Rush’s comments. (2 points)

The piece that I am most interested in is the Selected Works: Reel 6 by William Wegman. There is an interesting aspect of it because it is different it would seem that they are watching an intense tennis match. But I did not know that he was readjusting the position their legs with strings. Also that there is someone is bouncing and catching a ball repeatedly until it falls into a can. The whole mystery of what the dogs are staring at intrigues me and makes me question what he is trying to convey.

4) What do you better understand now about Video Art? (2 points)

What I better understand about video art is that it is not limited to just one center of focus. It can be simply just someone jumping in a corner or dogs looking to the side. The video can be expressive or make the viewer question things. It makes me feel that it is a way to make the artist question things and allow them to interpret the video in the way they feel describes it.

5) Based on Rush and this article, what makes Video Art vs. an “artful video”? (2 points)

What makes video art different than “artful video” is video is using the body as the medium. The artists are conveying emotions, stereotypes, and pushing themselves to the limit all for art and portrayal. Whereas an “artful video” is dealing with sounds, color, shapes, and other aspects of art, but not so much of conveying something happening. “Artful video” is television screens set up artistically showing images of shapes or distorted people.

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