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Overture Assignment
Posted on January 13th, 2010 at 11:18 pm by and

The changes in Computer Science’s before World War II was ways to interact more with technology. A type of technology that was similar to the human mind, creative and interactive, but not much was really being created then. After World War II Computer Science development increased tremendously, computers were being made to hold information about science and math. Then progressively it began to evolve into way to interact and allow a person to connect to the media. Many artist started to use the computer for their art.

The researcher I found most interesting was Scott Fisher. He was a researcher for NASA. He put together a program called Virtual Environment Workstation (VIEW). VIEW allowed the person to hear and view their surroundings by wearing a headpiece. What I found most interesting about him was the fact that he used the advancement in technology to be able to create this virtual world that allowed a person to use all their senses in that reality.

Scott Fisher is currently working with Keio University at Shonan Fujisawa, Japan on a virtual world through a wireless network. He began this project in 1999 and is still currently working on it.  It connects reality with a virtual environment and has many new features. Before this project he worked at the University of California that helps high school and college students learn basic science in a virtual environment. (1996-1998).

One thing about Computer Graphics history that I was most surprised about was that Richard Wagner played a role in it. I didn’t think an opera composer would play a role in computer graphics. By remodeling a theatre back into an amphitheatre would give the affect of a virtual world. Connecting the audience into the acting world.