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Batman: Incorporated earning praise

The world of Batman is gradually evolving into something bigger than usual.


Ten current comic arcs are dedicated to Batman. Out of those ten, Batman Inc. has earned the most praise from comic fans. Currently on issue #4, this Batman series has seen the return of Bruce Wayne back from the “dead” and revealing to the public that he has funded Batman from the very beginning. Similar to Peter Parker revealing he had been Spiderman in Civil War, this twist on Batman has completely told the rest of the Batman universe that Bruce Wayne is Batman, but that he has had some relation with the Dark Knight.

Written by Grant Morrison, Batman Inc. has earned praise from many fans worldwide including John and Carol’s Comic Shop owner John Shearer. “It’s definitely up there with Brightest Day as the most exciting series in the DC universe.”

The deal.

Batman Inc. tells of Bruce Wayne announcing to the world that he has funded Batman for years and wants to fund an international group of ‘Batmen’ worldwide to make the world safer. Morrison has hinted that he will bring some old characters back into the mix including ‘The Hood’, Batwoman, and Catwoman. Morrison has also stated that he wants to give a theme of traditional style towards Batman such as the icon theme of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman.

What’s next?

Only Grant Morrison truly knows the path in which Batman and his league of ‘Batmen’ will be directed. Knowing Morrison’s writing from Batman R.I.P. , The Black Glove, and Batman & Son, it should be an exciting summer for dark knight fans everywhere.

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