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Johns’ taking aim at Aquaman.

Will Geoff Johns revive a hero that seems to be lost in the transition for the last 12 years?

After being tossed around as a minor superhero the last couple of years, it seems Aquaman will be reviving back to an ongoing series. Blackest night writer Geoff Johns says his work on Aquaman will continue through this year. The popularity of Aquaman has risen in Brightest Day giving DC the idea to launch a new upcoming series focused on the King of Atlantis.

The reason?
Geoff Johns giving the spotlight towards ‘minor league’ heroes such as he did with Booster Gold in 52. Aquaman was recently killed off in Blackest Night only to be revitalized in the aftermath.

Why Aquaman?
Outside of fans demanding DC for an Aquaman series and Geoff Johns motives on the underwater character, why not give one of DC’s oldest, and keen heroes another start. With heroes such as Booster Gold and The Blue Beetle getting their own series, perhaps Aquaman should have another shot in the spotlight.

Where does Aquaman go from here?
Fans if familiar with Johns’ writing will feel the action and excitement flowing back into the universe of Aquaman. They might not tell the difference between this series and Brightest Day. After Aquaman: Swords of Atlantis hiatus, the hero has yet to return to a solo series. Now, Johns has hinted this will end. Johns at MegaCon didn’t reveal too much about the upcoming series that will debut later this year other than confirming that Aquaman will have his own series.

Hopefully Johns will give add more to the villainous gallery of Aquaman as well. You can’t have Black Manta in every issue. Can you?

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