Computer Mediated Education is rapidly changing the way things are being done, as it pertains to educating students.  Online learning (distance education) is becoming an intricate part of some Universities’ curriculum.  Likewise, many high schools are implementing distance education courses in conjunction with community colleges and Universities. “The use of the Internet and telecommunication technologies in education has increased in recent years with the proliferation of online learning. Over two million college students were enrolled in some form of web-based education in 2002 and more than 90% of U.S. colleges and universities offered online options in 2005 (The Chronicle of Higher Education 2005).”  Needless to say, the internet is changing the way we do things.  Which is exactly why it is pivotal to understand the best ways to implement this technology efficiently and effectively.  Although computer mediated education has been being used for some years now, there are always new forms of technology springing up, it is important to ensure that as a society, we are taking  advantage of these new technologies, and using them to the fullest extent of their capabilities.  There are several forms of online learning and communication tools that are being used to support this paradigm shift.   Email, bulletin board systems, interactive instructional cd’s, chat (Online Chat & Instant Messenger), and blogs are the leading internet technologies that have even made CME possible, not to mention successful.