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Hi!! My name is Victoria Novickis. I am a senior majoring in Business Administration with a specialization in marketing, management, and international business. I will be graduating and earning my Bachelor’s degree in May 2019. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to study when I came to BGSU so I ended up declaring business as my major and I am glad that I did. I am from Cleveland, Ohio and have one brother who is a senior in high school.

I have been to all the typical vacation spots such as Mexico, Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic for family vacations along with Canada. On top of that, spring semester of my sophomore year I studied abroad in the beautiful Melbourne, Australia. Along with traveling around the continent and seeing all that it had to offer, I also road tripped the South Island of New Zealand as well. They were both amazing places and I’m already awaiting the chance to go back!! Along with Australia, I just went on my second study abroad to China this summer. I had the opportunity to travel to Xi’an and Beijing while there and it was such a rewarding experience. It was so cool and interesting to learn about their culture since it is so different than what I’ve always known here in the United States.

While in these countries I interacted a great deal with foreign students. They weren’t technically foreign considering I was the foreigner but they were to me. Communicating with them was an essential part in learning about their culture and getting around the campuses. It’s hard going to a new place and not knowing anyone, so it was important for me to expand my horizons and get to know them. Let’s just say I’m very thankful for google translator!

I am hoping that in the near future I will gain even more international experience. I am always looking for opportunities to travel and to learn more about the world we live in!!

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