Newsletter and Email Templates

I was spending some time trying to think of new ways to push our popular fiction display up on the second floor and, just for fun, I wanted to see if there was something like glogster for newsletter or email templates. So I did some investigating and thought I’d share three interesting sites for marketing services through email or newsletters:

MailChimp: is my favorite so far (and the most rec. by the review site I’ll link to below). It offers protection against spammers and allows you to send a newsletter/email to a high number of subscribers in the free plan.

MadMimi: I have looked at the least, which means it still needs to be explored.

Letterpop: seemed to be a pretty popular one, but the free account has a very low number of emails sent, but it appears that the building of the newsletter is super easy.

Here’s a detailed review (a little outdated, but it looks like most content is still accurate). The site that created this list, Listio, also looks pretty interesting.

If anyone happens to play with these newsletter tools, let me know. I’d love to know what you think!


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