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Success by SMC faculty and graduate students

Communication Studies:  Volume 61 Issue 2


Original Articles


The Effects of Self-Construal and Religiousness on Argumentativeness: A Cross-Cultural Analysis, Pages 135 – 155

Authors: Stephen M. Croucher; Deepa Oommen; Manda V. Hicks; Kyle J. Holody; Samara Anarbaeva; Kisung Yoon; Anthony T. Spencer; Chrishawn Marsh; Abdulrahman I. Aljahli

DOI: 10.1080/10510971003603994


Jose Cardenas is Director of Photography of supernatural thriller film to be premiered this March

Jose Cardenas is the Director of Photography of the supernatural thriller Closed for the Season. The film will be premiered on March 14 in the Monster-Mania. The film was produced by BGSU alum Jay Ellison’s ShadowCast Pictures and several TCOM students were crew members for the movie.

Congratulations to Christy Mesaros-Winckles, a doctoral student who has a paper accepted for publication!

The paper I written by Doctoral Student Christy Mesaros-Winckles for COM 6400, “TLC and the Fundamentalist Family: A Quiverfull of Babies” was accepted by the Journal of Religion and Popular culture for publication. It’s an interdisciplinary/international journal published in Canada, and the journal is published online

Congrats to Kathryn “Kat” Sibio, an undergraduate TCOM student of Dr. Lori Liggett

During Spring semester, 2009, the TCOM 260 class: “Writing for Electronic Media”  at Bowling Green State University, ran a “contest” to produce a :30 second public service announcement for the  National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Northwestern Ohio Chapter.  The “prize” for the contest was to have the writer’s script produced to air on FOX Toledo, WUPW-TV.

BGSU graduate, Trisha Courtney-Tishler, Director of Media/MS Promotions, was to judge of the scripts and choose the one showing the most universal appeal to air year-round.  Fellow Alum and BGSU Adjunct Instructor, Dave Skorupski, Research Director for FOX Toledo, WUPW-TV, volunteered to produce the spot.

The “winning” script was written by (then) Sophomore student, Kathryn “Kat” Sibio, a student of Dr. Lori Liggett.

Sibio’s script was chosen because of its simplicity and reinforcement of the “Movement” theme used by the National MS Society.  The script emphasized the differences between being an active participant in life and sitting as an observer.  The script also drew attention to the relationship of MS patients to their families.

Due to scheduling difficulties, Sibio was unable to be present during taping of the PSA, but she was present for the editing process.  As she discovered, even though she envisioned her script to appear a certain way, additions, subtractions and other revisions were still necessary to complete the spot.  Some of the biggest surprises in production came in choosing video clips, music, graphic fonts as well as scene transitions.

These simple, yet complicated decisions, can play a major part in the mood and feel of the piece and should not be taken lightly.

Dr. Louisa Ha and Doctoral Student Primus Igboaka’s article received Special Commendation Award for Research of value to the developing world

Emerald Literati Network

2008 Awards for Excellence                                      


Louisa Ha, Raphael Okigbo and Primus Igboaka’s article titled, “Knowledge creation and dissemination in Sub-Saharan Africa,” published in Management Decision in 2008 has been chosen for a Special Commendation for Research of value to the developing world at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2009. Every year Emerald invites each journal’s Editorial Team to nominate what they believe has been that title’s Outstanding Paper and up to three Highly Commended Papers from the previous 12 months. The award winning papers are chosen following consultation amongst the journal’s Editorial Team, many of whom are eminent academics or managers. Your paper has been selected as it was one of the most impressive pieces of work the team has seen throughout 2008.


Further information regarding the Awards for Excellence can be found at the following site:

TCOM Panel: Transition in Ohio: Challenges to Consumers and the TV Industry

The Department of Telecommunications will organize a digital TV transition panel on Feb 4.  As you may know, all full power TV stations must switch to digital broadcast and turn off their analog signals by Feb 17.  This is an historic moment and our event can generate a lot of media publicity with our focus in Ohio.  Details of the panel is below.  All are welcome to attend.

Title: Digital Television Transition in Ohio:  Challenges to Consumers and the TV Industry

February 4, Wednesday, 4:30 p.m. BTSU Theatre

Moderator:  Pat Fitzgerald, General Manager, WBGU-TV

Industry Speakers

–     Christine Merritt, Executive Director, Ohio Association of Broadcasters:  Digital TV Transition in Ohio: An Overview.

–     Pat Deville, President and General Manager of Erie County Cablevision, Ohio Cable Television Association:  Digital Must Carry – the debate and how it will affect consumers and TV stations in Ohio

–    Bob Chirdon, Vice President and General Manager, and Steve Crum, Chief Engineer, WTOL:  The implementation of DTV transition by WTOL-Toledo

Academic Speakers:

–    Dr. Louisa Ha, Professor and Acting Chair, Dept. of Telecommunications:  Ohio TV stations’ digital TV education efforts and business models

–     Dr. Sung-Yeon Park, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Telecommunications DTV readiness of Northwest Ohio residents and WBGU-TV Viewers

WBGU-TV recorded the event and stream the event
Link to the event video:

Long Featured on NCA Web site

While browsing the National Communication Association Web site, one may stumble upon a familiar face – SCS Ph.D. student Bridget Long.

Featured in an article entitled, “Friending, Dating and ‘Facebooking:’ New Online Outlets Spark New Conversation”, Long is interviewed regarding the impact of social networking Web sites on the world of communication.

Concerning dating sites, Long said, “The internet used to be this place that individuals could go to and not worry about their physical characteristics, but it’s not hidden anymore.”

At the end of the article, she is featured in a video, in which she was asked whether social networking sites are making a positive impact on communication.

“I think it absolutely is,” she said. “It’s taking a step in the right direction. I think it just creates another space for us to have a discourse, and expand what we’re studying.”

To read the article, click here. Or go to the NCA Web site and click, “Videos.”

Long and Anarbaeva Paper in Top Four

A paper written by Bridget Long and Samara Anarbaeva was ranked in the top four student papers of the International and Intercultural Communication Division at the National Communication Association. The paper, “Communicative Adaptability and Intercultural Communication Apprehension: Gender and Cultural Differences in College Students” was chosen from more than 140 papers submitted.

They will receive certificates signifying their achievement at the IICD Business Meeting, Saturday, Nov. 22. It will be held from 12:30 to 1:45 p.m. in the Edward A room of the Manchester Grand Hyatt, San Diego California.


– Andy