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The Donks vs. Shenanigans: Thursday, September 25th 6:00

The season has officially started and The Donks and Shenanigans provided some excitement. I came in thinking that this game was going to be a shootout, but the defenses were dominating early and often. Either the Shenanigans got off to a good start or The Donks to a bad start, but the first drive ended with a hard-to-watch safety(0-2). At this point, the game had the potential to be lopsided in favor of Shenanigans, but in the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend.” The Donks responded later in the half with an interception return for a score and a successful 1 point conversion(7-2). Nothing could have gone more wrong for Shenanigans when they had a play that may have resulted in a first down called back for an illegal forward pass 10 yards past the line of scrimmage. The score at half was 7-2. The Donks went into the break feeling confident in their defense and this allowed for them to come out in the second half and work on their offense. They converted on a 40 yard bomb to go up 14-2 over Shenanigans. Shenanigans responded to adversity with 2 quick scores within the last two minutes of the game. They connected on a touchdown pass and successfully converted on the 3 point conversion(14-11). They then got the ball back with approximately 40 seconds on the clock and scored a last second touchdown for the victory!(14-18). The referees said the score was 23-14, but I believe that it was 18-14 in favor of the cardiac kids of Shenanigans.

Final Score: 18-14(23-14 according to refs)

Interesting Stat: 6 total interceptions, 1(almost 2) returned for scores

Play of the Game: Score at the end of game to put Shenanigans on top.

Fall 2008 Intramurals are here!

In an effort to expand both BGSU Recreational Sports and Division of Student Affairs, we are trying to invoke some interest from students who are playing intramurals, or students who have an interest in it, by creating a blog just for you. We plan on expanding the site to just more than a blog, which should attract much more interest. Some ideas include: game reports, top plays from individual games, and interesting stats from those games if they exist.  Besides that, it is up to you, the blogger, to write what you want about anything intramurals or athletics-related.  If you have any ideas that you feel would be beneficial to the site, do not hestitate to send me an email at: