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Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: April 9, 2009 Summaries

B League:  Iceholes vs. Team Toad

Final Score: Iceholes – 0, Team Toad – 8

This game was dominated from start to finish. Team Toad jumped out to a 4-0 lead after the first period and never looked back as they defeated the Iceholes 8-0. Steven Mason led Team Toad by scoring three goals. His teammates Mike Richardson added two goals and an assist, while Jacob Pfotenhauer added a goal and two assists.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: April 7, 2009 Summaries

B League Millers All Stars vs. Trotters

Final Score: Millers All Stars – 1, Trotters – 5

The game started out with a slow pace as neither team was able to register a goal until the 5 minute mark of the first period when Justin Crawford gave Trotters a 1-0 lead. Trotters was able to add two more goals in the opening period and Millers was also able to get one on the board with 10 seconds remaining in the first when Brad Fiske scored. Unfortunately, for Millers All Stars, that would be their only goal of the game.  Trotters was able to pull away with another goal by Crawford, and multiple points from Daniel Dewyre and Zach Martin. The final score at the end of the night was Trotters 6 and Millers All Stars 1.

B League: Team Toad vs. Stigmach

Final Score:  Team Toad – 12, Stigmach – 2

After a close first period, Team Toad scored five goals in each of the last two periods to come away with a 12-2 victory over Stigmach.  The game was stopped after Team Toad scored to take a ten goal lead with thirty seconds left in the game.  Steven Mason lead Team Toad with three goals and two assists.  His teammate Mike Richardson scored one goal and had three assists.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: April 6, 2009 Summaries

A League: Brathaus vs. Team Iceland

Final Score:  Brathaus – 14, Team Iceland – 4

Brathaus dominated this game from start to finish.  After building a three goal lead during the first period, they scored six more goals in the second and three more goals in the third to come away with a 14-4 victory over Team Iceland.  Kevin Rawlik and Nicholas DeSalvo lead the way for Brathaus.  Rawlik scored three goals and had three assists, while DeSalvo scored four goals.  Tyler Whitehouse added a goal and three assists for Brathaus.  Trey Rishel scored two goals and Tyler Jarosz added two assists for Team Iceland.

A League: District 5 vs. Becketts

Final Score:  District 5 – 3, Becketts – 13

The first period came to an end with Becketts leading by a close score of 3-2 but for the rest of the game the ice was slanted in Becketts favor.  With a monster second period in which Becketts scored 7 goals while only giving up one the third period was set up for the mercy call, which is exactly what happened. District 5 received goals from Joey Harris, Bret Stram, and Eric Blasiman, all scored in the first two periods.  Becketts had many different players on the score sheet but was led by Austin Seiple with 4 points and 5 other players had a multi point night. Goals were not hard to come by in this game as Becketts beat District 5 by a score of 13-3.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: April 5, 2009 Summaries

A League: District 5 vs. Team Iceland

Final Score: District 5 – 9, Team Iceland – 7

In what started out as a slow game, District 5 was able to top Team Iceland by a score of 9-7. District 5 was lead by Tyler Strittmatter and Bret Stram who were on the score sheet multiple times with a few nice goals and assists. District 5 was able to pull away in the second period with 5 goals in the middle frame. Team Iceland kept it close with some late goals in the third period by Trey Rishel and Justyn Shipley. The late effort wasn’t enough, though, as time ran out before their comeback was complete.

A League: Brathaus vs. Becketts

Final Score:  Brathaus, – 8, Becketts – 10

This was a close competitive game throughout.  The game was tied after the first period and was a one goal game after the second period before Becketts scored six goals in the third period to come away with a 10-8 victory over Brathaus.  Leading the way for Becketts was Andrew Hafner with two goals and four assists and Andy Ruehl with one goal and three assists.  Brathaus was lead by Alexander Prough with three goals and an assist and Chris Dyer with two goals and two assists.

Spring ’09 Slo-Puck: March 31, 2009 Summaries

B League: Stigmach vs. Trotters

Final Score: Stigmach – 0, Trotters – 10

Trotters jumped out to an early lead and never looked back as they went on to defeat Stigmach 10-0.  The game was called after the second period due to the mercy rule.  Justin Crawford led the way with three goals and one assist for Trotters.  His teammate Zachary Martin had one goal and three assists.

B League: Ice Holes vs. Millers All-Stars

Final Score: Ice Holes – 6, Millers All-Stars – 1

After the first period, the Ice Holes jumped out to a 2-1 lead with both goals by Peter Hotaling.  Brad Fiske had the lone goal of the period for Millers All-Stars.  Ice Holes scored two more goals in the second period to extend their lead while keeping Millers All-Stars off the score sheet.  Pete Hotaling ended the night with five goals and Josh Curtis had three assists.  Ice Holes took home a 6-1 victory for the evening.