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BGSU Stick-and-Puck Sessions

The BGSU Ice Arena is considering adding stick-and-puck sessions to our schedule this fall. This would be a time to work on fundamentals with friends, teammates, family, or individually: skating, stickhandling, passing, and shooting; all in a non-scrimmage environment.

We’ve put together a survey to gauge interest in stick-and-puck sessions as well as other BGSU Ice Arena hockey programs. This is a great chance to provide your input on the Ice Arena’s hockey programs – let us know why you participate (or why not). If you have not completed a survey yet, please open the attached file and fill out: you can either print it up and turn in a hard copy to the skate shop (attention Andrew or Denis) or use the text select tool and copy into a Word file and Email back to us (

Please forward this survey to other hockey players you know. Even if they don’t play here at BGSU, their input is valuable as well!

Thanks, and see you on the ice!