Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving

Wood County Safe Communities announced today that there have been 20 fatal crashes in Wood County to date. This is 9 more crashes than last year at this time.

If you plan on celebrating with alcohol this holiday season, plan on a sober driver. Even if you’ve had just a little bit to drink, you can still get a DUI and be involved in a crash. Too many people wait until they’ve been drinking to figure out their ride home. By then, it’s too late to make a clear-headed decision. You might think you’re just “buzzed” and that you’re “okay to drive,” but remember this: Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving.

If you’re buzzed, you should not be behind the wheel. It can cost you—possibly your life.

Planning ahead is the key to avoiding a DUI or a deadly drunk driving crash. You make plans to attend parties, go to bars or sporting events, or gather with family and friends, so why not plan how to stay alive and out of jail? A sober driver is an essential part of any plan that includes drinking. Law enforcement actively looks for drunk drivers, especially around the holidays. Are you willing to risk a DUI or a fatal crash for the “convenience” of driving yourself home after drinking?

For More Information:

  • Jerrod Savidge, 419-352-2481
  • Safe Communities Coordinator, Sandy Wiechman
    419-372-9353 or