Here’s to you, RecWell Employees

As the second largest student employer on campus, it is important the Department of Recreation and Wellness shows its students how valuable they really are. As the end of the semester approaches, student employees are faced with large workloads. Trying to balance final projects and work at the same time can be very stressful. RecWell finds this as a perfect opportunity to show students how much their hard work is appreciated.


On April 22, 2010 students were invited to attend an end of the year student recognition celebration organized by student supervisors in each facility. A lot of preparation and planning goes into this banquet to ensure every student employee receives the recognition they deserve.


Student Supervisor Joanna Larkin explained how important recognition is in the workplace. “We really want to make this experience memorable for our student employees,” said Larkin. “I don’t think we would be so lucky to have these hardworking student employees if we didn’t take the time to recognize them.”



During the banquet each facility hands numerous awards and prizes. Some of the awards consist of ‘Most Enthusiastic’, ‘Best Relief Worker’, and ‘Rookie of the Year’.


Outdoor Program Office Manager, Angel McFarland was a Rookie of the Year award winner this year. The award represents the employee that showed the most enthusiasm, excitement, and dedication during their first year of employment with RecWell.


“Receiving this award was a huge confidence booster,” said McFarland. “It’s a lot easier to put in the extra effort knowing your work isn’t left unnoticed.”


The Department of Recreation and Wellness delivered a special recognition to Web Technology Manager Melissa Rausch as she was awarded 2010 Co-op of the Year. Melissa was first nominated by Supervisor Lona Leck, and then chosen by the University among 25 other nominees.


“Because I am a student employee who does mainly behind the scenes work, it is a great honor to receive this type of award,” said Rausch. “It feels really good to have your time and dedication recognized and appreciated.”


As an intern with the Recreation and Wellness Marketing Department myself, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working here. One thing I have noticed during my internship is how positive the work environment is. Even when student employees aren’t on the clock, they still want to be here. Students are motivated to go above and beyond what is expected because of the positive reinforcement given by the staff. The Department of Recreation and Wellness is much more than individuals putting in time for a paycheck. It is team of eager, enthusiastic, and hardworking individuals striving to make Recreation and Wellness the best it can be.