Web 2.0 Resources

Cacoo is an online resource that allows teachers and students to create diagrams and charts. A free membership gives a user 25 sheets for designing a wide variety of diagrams. Size, font, colors, and images can be easily manipulated to create the final product.

Google Docs
Google Docs is a great resource for teachers to organize their word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  A free Google account allows you to create documents, share them, and open them seamlessly from different computers.  It makes working between home and school effortless and allows for easy collaboration between teachers.  Teachers with older students can also use it for their students to submit and share their work.

Slide Rocket
Slide Rocket is an online presentation program that allows users to create slide presentations online.  A free account gives many background options and fonts, and the finished product can be easily embedded into a website or blog.

Glogster is an open source product that allows a user to create a poster online.  Graphics and videos can easily be embedded to make posters attractive and interactive.  Some school districts may block this site, but there is an edu version available for educational use.

Prezi is a really unique presentation tool.  Starting with one page, you can include multiple pieces of information.  When played, the presentation guides a viewer in a non-linear way to zoom in to new information contained on that page.  This would be a great different way to present information.

Watch the video below to see an introduction to using Prezi.

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