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A Quick Update

• October 21, 2011

So let me just apologize for the lapse in regular updates in this blog. Fall semester is well underway at BGSU, and the Virtual Campus Team is hard at work. Currently we do not have any major projects taking place in Second Life, but we are looking into some new avenues for creating and presenting […]


• July 27, 2011

T-minus 10 days until I leave for SIGGRAPH 2011 in Vancouvver, BC. In the mean time, I’ve been finishing up the SL video projects I was assigned and pretty much just maintaining the island and stuff like that. There isn’t a whole lot to do in Second Life right now, unfortunately. I haven’t heard yet […]

Recap of this week & Looking ahead

• June 15, 2011

I’ve been spending a lot of time working on SL stuff this summer, which is really nice. I’m getting a lot done, but it’s a lot of little things, or big, out-of-world projects that are hard to blog about in small pieces. Since I’m just sitting around tonight watching the Science Channel, I thought it […]

First VWER Meeting at BGSU

• May 6, 2011

Here are some images taken during the first VWER meeting at BGSU. For more information on VWER, check out their website at VWER.org.  

VWER 3D Logo

• May 5, 2011

Since work on the VWER build is just about complete (the first meeting is today at 5PM), and since I’m now done with my finals, I decided to build the VWER logo out of prims in world. The logo is made up mostly of rings and spheres, so it wasn’t a particularly difficult build, but […]

VWER Auditorium Build (Part 2)

• May 1, 2011