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Saturday, April 30th, 2011

Beer Games with Bummy – Kings

A King whose ready to play

So its a Friday night and its raining, you don’t want to go out to the bars or the clubs, that’s understandable. But lets say you’re new to playing beer games. Maybe you’ve check out my Mexican Dice game or Beer Pong, but you don’t have dice or ping pong balls, BUT you have a deck of playing cards. Then you’re in luck, because that means you can play Kings.

Kings is a simple card-rule drinking game, that’s played differently almost everywhere you go. To play Kings, you just need a deck of cards, a small group of people (at least 4), and some beer. Everyone sits in a circle, either around a table or on the floor. You can either shuffle the deck and put the deck in the middle or have a messy pile with all the cards face down. You usually put one unopened beer in the middle of everyone or near the deck, Ill explain this in a second.

So to play, each person draws one card at a time. Each card has a different meaning. After you draw a card and complete the action, the person who drew the card has to carefully slip the card under the tab of the unopened beer in the middle.  If a person breaks the seal of the beer, then that person has to drink that beer next.  You dont have to drink it right away, but you have to drink it.

Here is the breakdown of what you do when a card is drawn.

Two: That player who drew the card picks someone else to drink two seconds worth of beer.

Three: That player who drew the card has to drink three seconds worth of beer.

Four: All ladies take a drink of beer.

Five: Jive: When someone draws a 5 card, that person does a small dance move with your hands. Then the person to your left has to mimic the previous person’s dance then make their own. Kind of like “memory,” you have to keep remembering everyone’s dance moves. If you mess up or take too long, you lose and have to drink.

Six: All gentlemen drink.

Seven: Heaven! When someone picks a 7, everyone has to throw both hands in the air, like you’re reaching for the heavens, the last person to put their hands up has to drink.

Eight: 8 is date. If you draw an 8, then you get to pick your “date.” That means whenever you drink, your partner has to drink with you. (This can get really interesting with smaller groups, but most people forget about the rule after a few turns.)

Nine: Rhyme. Whoever drew the 9, says a rhyming word (So no Orange), and the person to the left has to rhyme with the previous word. (Red, bed, said) Whoever cant come up with a new rhyme word or repeats a previously said word loses and has to drink.

Ten: Categories: This is one of my favorite categories. Whoever draws the card Picks a category of something, (Car Brands, Countries, Bands that Start with the letter B, etc) Whoever cant come up with a new answer to the category or says a repeated answer loses and has to drink.

Jack: “Never have I ever.” Another fun mini-game within Kings. Each person hold up 3 or 5 fingers (group decides how many to play with it). And you play never have I ever. To Play Never have I ever, you start with the person who drew the card and they truthfully say something they’ve never done. IF someone else playing has done said thing, then they put down a finger. Who ever goes out first has to drink.

Queen: Question Master. To play Question Master, (QM) who ever drew the Queen becomes the Question Master. Whenever the QM asks another player a question and they answer the question with a non-questioned response then they have to drink. But if you answer the QM’s question with another question, then the QM drinks. The person who draws the Queen is the QM until someone else draws a Queen.

King: The Rule Maker. Another interesting card that has near endless possibilities. If a player draws a King, then they literally get to make a rule that everyone has to follow for the rest of the game. (example: the rule maker can make a rule saying that you have to high five someone before you drink, but like I said rules can be as wild as the person who makes them.) When another player draws a King, they can either make another rule or abolish an older rule.

Ace: Waterfall. The Coup de grâce of playing Kings. When someone draws and Ace, he or she has to ask a common knowldge question to the person to thier left and right. Who ever answers first, the waterfall starts in that direction. Everyone starts drinking at the same time and the person who drew the Ace is the first person allowed to stop drinking. After that person stops then each person in order determined by who answered the question correctly gets to stop drinking next. Basically if you answer the question wrong or not fast enough, you should be the last person to be drinking.

There really is no winners in Kings, everyone just loses some brain cells. (Drink responsibly).  But the game is over when you run out of cards.

Like all drinking games there are MANY variations to what each card means, this is just how I play Kings. If you want to see Kings being played by my good friend Bummy, check out my slide show.

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Beer Games With Bummy – Beer Pong

In this new installment of Beer Games With Bummy, Bummy teaches you how to play beer pong. Now be nice, I know hes not the best face for the internet, but gosh darn it he tried his best. Don’t forget to comment, and enjoy.

Beer Games With Bummy – Beer Pong from Brendan Packert on Vimeo.

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Beer Games with Bummy: Mexican Dice

My friend Bummy sat down with me to help explain a fun drinking game called “Mexican Dice” Here is a slide show explaining how to play. (I’ve never made one of these before, and I know the slides go pretty fast, so until I figure out to fix it, you should probably manually go through the slides.

Mexican Dice is just another fun game to play if you and your friends don’t feel like going out for the night.  And remember, don’t forget to comment. CHEERS!