Here, in America, the life is pretty different than France. Although we are both rich countries, with computers, schools, hospitals, restaurants, books and foods the American way of life is different; neither better nor worse, just different.

The first think that appeal me, in my Graduate life in BGSU, is work’s method. Indeed, here, we can have a test on something you never spoke in class. Students must read every week one or two chapters (about 20p each) and know it for the beginning of the next course. The professor is only here to give some examples and explains again with other words. But generally students understand the course by themselves because books are really well explicated. And fortunately, because at the beginning of the semester, each student has to buy a lot of expensive books. In my case, I had to buy 1 book at $80 (it was a used book!), another one at $24 and the last one was too expensive. I could not buy it, so I rent it for $100!
Concerning the courses, it is funny because in France when the course must start at 8.30, in reality it begins at 8.35 or 8.40. In America, every student is sit down in the class at 8.25. Moreover, if someone is late nobody care, he can sit in class and no one is surprise. During the class, if you need to drink, eat, or go to the bathroom you just have to leave; it is normal.

On the other hand, I’m not surprise by the work we have to provide because I have heard a lot about that in France. I was prepared thanks to the movies that I saw and a friend of mine told me about the American university expectations.


What is plagiarism? Plagiarism is not only copy the writing of another person it is more than that. Its etymology is the perfect example. Indeed, “plagiarism” comes from Latin language “plagiarius” that means “kidnapper, seducer, plunderer”. It is extremely strong. Actually, we can define the plagiarism as a kind of robbery. Everything can be own: houses, jewelries, even ideas; they are all protected by the law and especially the intangible things like ideas or articles are protected by the intellectual property. That wants to say that nobody can copy a paragraph or a sentence without the author’s authorization or without saying it is a quotation.
Nowadays, more and more students plagiarize because it is easier than 10 years before. Indeed, with the fast growing of Internet, students access to a lot of writing databases: blogs, former student’s essays, newspaper’s articles… It is so easy to copy it: select it, right click, copy, and paste; even a child can do it.
Nevertheless, in France, for about five years, universities have special computer software that check if the student’s essays are writing thanks to plagiarism. It compares the sentence, recognizes worlds, and calculates the percentage of similarity. If the percentage is too high, the student can be in trouble. Indeed, French universities want to make the students reflect, they want to students create new things, and think by themselves. The plagiarism is the opposite of the French universities’ goal. Thus, it is highly punish. In general the essay is throw and the student has to write a new one.



It is true that reading can save someone ? I don’t know but it is what Daniel Pennac, a french author, said. In my opinion, reading never save me, but it lets me think about others things that real world. It lets me think that everything is possible.

My favorite book is “Les enfants de la terre‘. The scene takes place during the Upper Paleolithic era. This is the story of a little girl, Ayla, whose parents did not survive to a huge earthquake, thus, she has to survive by herself. Fortunately, she meets an other tribe who adopts her. However, she is a Cro-magnon instead of her adoptive family who is Neanderthal.

Thanks to this story we can observe the differences between these two people that grow up completely differently. One is more instinctive and an other is more intellectual.

This is my favorite story because we can see the world through the eyes of a little girl, who doesn’t understand why she is so different. She just would like to be like her family, but she can’t. This is a really moving and touching book.

Hi everybody !

I am Oriane Letouze and I come from France. I am glad to be here in BGSU!

This year I follow a MBA program and i will finish it in France next year. I hope this year will be very rewarding and I am going to learn a lot of things !