Oriane Letouze

It is true that reading can save someone ?



It is true that reading can save someone ? I don’t know but it is what Daniel Pennac, a french author, said. In my opinion, reading never save me, but it lets me think about others things that real world. It lets me think that everything is possible.

My favorite book is “Les enfants de la terre‘. The scene takes place during the Upper Paleolithic era. This is the story of a little girl, Ayla, whose parents did not survive to a huge earthquake, thus, she has to survive by herself. Fortunately, she meets an other tribe who adopts her. However, she is a Cro-magnon instead of her adoptive family who is Neanderthal.

Thanks to this story we can observe the differences between these two people that grow up completely differently. One is more instinctive and an other is more intellectual.

This is my favorite story because we can see the world through the eyes of a little girl, who doesn’t understand why she is so different. She just would like to be like her family, but she can’t. This is a really moving and touching book.

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