Student copying in the TRC

EDHD students receive free black & white copying (not to be confused with printing) for any academic related purpose (not to be confused with personal use). This has been a featured service of our lab for a long time to help students with various assignments and field experience in all EDHD degree programs.

We have created the following options for copying in the TRC to help continue this very popular service. All of this may change accordingly as campus COVID guidelines open up or become more restricted.


1. Submit documents by email for free B&W copies – Completed while you wait or within 1 business hour.  Send documents to be copied as an attachment to the TRC office email account Be sure to include details with the email, such as quantity, paper type (cardstock or copy paper), paper color, staples, collated/uncollated, etc.  Staff will make free B&W copies for the student to pick up.

2. Make your own free B&W copies using the lab copier – available as a walk up service during open lab hours. Bring or print the original (students must pay to print) Instructions for using the copier are on posted on the copy machine in 213 Education or ask lab staff for help.

3. Drop off paper originals for free B&W copies – completed within 1 business hour: Students can bring in the paper original for drop off at the TRC.  It will need to go into quarantine for 1 hour (CDC guideline).  Staff will then make free B&W copies for the student to pick up.

4. Use of Mobility Print for student paid color copies – completed while you wait:  Students send the job to BGSU’s mobility print service.  They will then come to the TRC and swipe their ID in any TRC printer/copier, including one in the 2nd floor hallway available whenever the Education building is open.

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