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Summary McKee and Porter’s piece, “Feminist Research Practices in Cyberspace,” is an invaluable read for teachers of writing. The authors problematize the tenets of feminist research as they come into contact with digital discourses. Citing six concerns of feminist research, they articulate a broad understanding of the “ethical researcher,” which thus informs their own position […]

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October 20, 2010 | 4,717 Comments

In “Feminist Rhetorical Practices: In Search of Excellence,” Gesa Kirsch and Jacqueline Royster resituate feminist rhetoric: detailing its past trajectory, they argue that standards of excellence in the field have and are continuing to change. Thus, new or revisioned means of considering and engaging (con)texts are necessary: critical imagination, strategic contemplation, and social circulation. They […]


October 19, 2010 | 853 Comments

I’m a little perplexed by contradictions that I sense in feminist theory–contradictions that don’t seem to lend themselves to any deep insights. Main point one: According to feminist pedagogy, the classroom should be democratically structured–yet I don’t see a functional application of such a structure in the real world. Any classroom with an instructor will […]

Of the four essays in section one, I read K. J. Rawson’s “Queering Feminist Rhetorical Canonization,” Wendy Hesford’s “Cosmopolitanism and the Geopolitics of Feminist Rhetoric,” and Ilene Whitney Crawford’s “Growing Routes: Rhetoric as the Study and Practice of Movement.” I was surprised to find that all three incorporated, to some degree, the idea of movement, […]