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Wading through Schell’s introduction to Rhetorica in Motion, I happily came upon Barbara Biesecker’s statements about feminism. While feminist research epistemology, methodology, and method are proving insightful and thought-provoking, I’ve been having trouble reconciling those ideas of critical, self-reflexive thought with my previous experiences of feminism–in particular, the sense of victimization that seems to pervade […]

Towards the end of her article, Debra Journet hits upon an issue with personal narrative that has long bothered me: But I do believe that it is important to recognize that we have invested a great deal of intellectual capital in rhetorical conventions that primarily use ethos (rather than method) to provide evidence that the […]

I didn’t expect the three readings for this week to overlap as much as they did. I knew roughly what to expect from McNiff and from Naples, but I was surprised how much Kirsch and Ritchie’s article complemented the other two pieces. Very carefully, each author (or pair of authors) addresses the inescapable relevance of […]

I read Joy Ritchie and Kathleen Boardman’s article first and, after reading the other two, decided to use it for the assignment because it seemed so timely (i.e., it wasn’t from 1985); I appreciatedĀ the fairly contemporary retrospective and analysis. Ritchie and Boardman examine the influence of feminism in (and on) the field of composition. For […]