Soledad  O’Brien is best known for her award-winning and critically acclaimed documentaries on some of  the most important news stories facing the world today.  One of her most popular documentaries is the  Black in America series. The two-part series  began in 2008.  O’Brien also hosted Latino in America in 2009, a spin-off of  Black in America.   Currently, O’Brien is the anchor for the CNN […]

Recently, President Obama came to BGSU.  Regardless of your political views, having the President of the United States visit your school and talk to students  is a honor. Unfortunately, several of my professors did not share this view and, because of the election,  I noticed changes in the teaching style of some of my professors. One example occurred recently. […]

By: Simone Jackson The Weather Channel has done a thorough job in covering Hurricane Sandy.  They have strong content on their website as well as a substantial presence on Twitter. I was most impressed with articles on the Weather Channel’s website. The articles were not just on the storm itself and the damage it did. […]