By: Simone Jackson In January, McDonalds decided to start their own hashtag, #McDStories, on Twitter.  The purpose of #McDStories was to promote a larger campaign that shared stories about the farmers who grew food for McDonald, said Rick Wion, director of social media at McDonalds USA , in a comment to a Forbes post about the hastag.  Unfortunately, this hashtag […]

By: Simone Jackson With the increase of social media use for marketing and public relations, many companies are looking to hire people whose sole job would be to control the company’s online content.   Should companies hire a recent graduate who knows a lot about social media, but not much about the company itself or a […]

By: Simone Jackson Recently, I was asked to be the editor of the “Obsidian,”  a multicultural publication  for  BGSU students.  I was very excited because I knew I would gain great experiences. The “Obsidian” has been operating on campus since the 1970’s. Historically,it was a publication that targeted African American students. Today, our target audience is […]

By:Simone Jackson The fact that there are people questioning  whether or not potential employers should consider  your online social accounts during the hiring process is ridiculous. There is a reason we post pictures,tweet, like, tag, and retweet.  Obviously,we do it because its enjoyable, but we also take advantage of it  because we want to display a certain […]