Final Speech Reflection

The final speech went a lot better than the other three.  By now I know what is expected of me as a speaker and I am more comfortable being in front of the class. I believe each speech I get a little better with my speaking skills.  I am trying to have more eye contact and avoid saying “umm” or “ugh.”  With this last speech however, I lost my place, and had to back track a little.  Because of this I became a little nervous because I messed up, but tried not to say umm too much.

This speech was different than the others because we got to choose our topic, but we had to demonstrate how to do something.  Demonstrating and explaining how to do something is more difficult than just performing the task.  Having to think of the individual steps and wording it in an easy way to understand for someone else to perform was more difficult than I thought it would be.  Because it was a step by step process, I had to be sure to explain the steps correctly and efficiently. 

There are always areas to improve, and even though this was the last speech for the class, I know I still need to work on my presentation and public speeking skills.  I have realized that giving group speeches is sometimes a little easier, because it’s not all on you.

Now that all of the speeches are complete, I feel that I have improved greatly from the first speech at the beginning of the semester, but I know I still need to work on some things.  There is always room for improvement, I can always improve on these skills.

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