Speech 3 Reflection

The third speech went a lot smoother than the other two.  By now I know what is expected of me as a speaker and I am more comfortable being in front of the class. I believe each speech I get a little better with my speaking skills.  I am trying to have more eye contact and avoid saying “umm” or “ugh.”  As a speaker I know I speak loudly and clearly, but I can always improve on my presentations.  The next speech will be interesting to see how I do because it will not be as a group, but individually.

The third speech was a lot of fun to do.  I enjoyed this speech because we got to choose our topic, and we chose something that was going on, on campus.  The Stroh Center was being talked about by everyone, and it was a topic a lot of people needed to be informed about.  However, after we picked the topic and found out the date we were presenting we wished we could have gone before the actual vote took place.  It was a little awkward to talk about after the vote had taken place, but we did it to the best of our ability.

There are always areas to improve, and because the next speech is by myself, I am going to have to practice more and be ready to complete the task alone.  Giving group speeches is sometimes a little easier, because it’s not all on you.  I think overall, as a group we did a good job, and got our points across.  Having different types of speeches and choosing our topic was nice, and gave a little more freedom when preparing.

Hopefully by the end of the class  I will have drastically improved my speaking skills.

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