Group 1 Presentation 3

April 6th, 2009

I think our group did a good job over all. We had a few glitches during the presentation, but i feel like a lot of that was from nerves. We had practiced a few times so we knew the logistics. I think that we did a suffcient amount of preparation so i feel that we were all ready and did not have to read off of the notecards.

As a team for next time i feel like we can have better communication. We had a problem with people forgetting when we were meeting, so i think that sending out an email and reminding before would be helpful. Overall i think we worked well as a group. We all had good ideas and everyone seemed to agree with how we would present. Erin did a good job setting the scene up. She put together a powerpoint on her own time to help establish a location and help the audience understand where we were. So I appreciate her doing that extra work to help us.

I really like my group, and i feel like we have good chemistry. We have become friends and its a fun environment to work in because we all get along so well.

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