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How COBL is helping the University go green?


COBL adopted the recycling station located outside our door in University Hall and staffer, Carolyn, created a few posters explaining how online courses and our department are helping to reduce the university’s carbon footprint. Check them out below!

How is COBL Conserving Energy?

How Do Online Classes Conserve Energy?

COBL has moved to University Hall, Suite 104


phpoaXtG3The Center for Online and Blended Learning has moved out of College Park and is now centrally located in University Hall, Suite 104.  We are enjoying our new home and are settling in quite nicely.  Our central location in Uhall will be very beneficial, as we work with faculty and staff from all corners of the University. In addition, we have a new Resource Room in Uhall 112, which will be a great addition to our working environment as the space is quite large and flexible.  The new resource room will house many of our faculty and staff consultations, COBL presentations, group and individual training, video and audio recording sessions,  informal and formal gatherings, as well as a place to facilitate research and development in the field of Online and Blended Learning.  University Hall

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