Jennifer Higdon receives NEA grant

BGSU alum and composer Jennifer Higdon has received an NEA grant, along with the Cypress String Quartet, in support of a commission she is composing for the Quartet.  It’s a work for soprano and string quartet for the Quartet’s Call & Response program, which pairs two works from the established repertoire with a new work.  Higdon’s piece is entitled  “In The Shadow of Sirius,”  and is based on the poetry of the former U.S. Poet Laureate (and two-time Pulitzer winner)  W.S. Merwin.

Here’s a link to the press announcement, and the NEA’s announcement as well…

Christina Jensen PR – Cypress Quartet’s Press Releases – Cypress Quartet Receives NEA Grant to Commission Jennifer Higdon – World Premiere in April 2013

NEA:2013 GRANT AWARDS: Access to Artistic Excellence – Music