Daily Archives: July 29, 2011

CMA Students Win Prizes at 3rd Jean-Marie Londeix International Saxophone Competition – Bangkok, Thailand

Noa Even – 3rd Prize Winner and soloist with orchestra (plus a new saxophone, prize money, and a concert in Shanghai)
(Noa is a second year DMA student at BGSU)

Joel Diegert – 5th Prize Winner and soloist with orchestra
(Joel is just finishing advanced studies in Paris after completing his MM at BGSU in 2008)

Pin-Hua Chen – Semifinalist and the first Taiwanese saxophonist to advance in the history of this competition
(Pin-Hua is a 2nd year MM at BGSU)

Note: Noa and Joel were the only two Americans in the final round of the Londeix Competition. In the semifinal round, Noa and Pin-Hua both performed “Renewing the Myth” by BGSU faculty composer Dr. Marilyn Shrude. Noa is now touring in Thailand where she is presenting recitals. Her Thailand touring program includes “Fantasmi” by Marilyn Shrude.

(Submitted by John Sampen)