About Me

Hello, my name is Brianna (Bri) Koller  and I am an international business student with a minor in Spanish. I am currently going into my junior year of college as a second year student due to me completing a few courses at Wayne College (branch of the University of Akron) during my senior year in high school. I graduated from Wooster High School with roughly around 200-300 students. In my high school years,  I was on the cheerleading team, played basketball and ran track. Along with athletics, I also participated in the improv comedy club and helped tutor students through woo crew. I have been playing the violin since fifth grade and I also have been learning spanish for 8 years. My family life consists of my wonderful parents, Gwen Kaufman and Trent Koller. Along with my twin sister, Alana Koller and younger sister, Nylah Kaufman. In addition to our family is my cat, Peaches. I enjoy listening to music and binge watching netflix as well as hanging with friends and working out. I chose international business because I enjoy traveling and I hope to one day travel for a business, preferably a spanish speaking country. My college goals are to graduate with my bachelors degree in the next two years and then volunteer for the peace corps and finally going back to either BG or another university for my masters degree.

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