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Air quality testing at Ohio schools continues

View Ohio schools studied by EPA in a larger map The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is continuing to study the air quality near six Ohio schools following the results of a two-month air monitoring by the U.S. EPA at seven locations in the state. The U.S. EPA found levels of concern at three Ohio schools […]

EPA monitoring of ‘widespread’ chemical to continue

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is concerned about a pollutant found at many schools during a recent two-month study of air quality. Acrolein, a pollutant deemed “widespread” by the EPA, was found at 40 of the 63 schools studied across the nation, including seven Ohio schools. Of the schools studied, acrolein was detected at three […]

Wood County Ozone Grade Improved

Previously graded a “D,” Wood County’s ozone air quality has improved to a “C” in the 2011 State of the Air Report Conducted by the American Lung Association.

Know Your Air

According to the 2010 State of the Air Report conducted by the American Lung Association and published on its website, the quality of Bowling Green’s air may be at risk. Ozone, as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency glossary, is a gas in the atmosphere that is produced naturally or through human activities. Human activities include […]

BGSU Refuses to Sign Presidential Climate Commitment

The American College and Universities President’s Climate Commitment has nearly 700 signatures nationwide, but Bowling Green State University is not one of them. The organization currently represents 5.8 million students and holds its universities accountable for creating a seven-part action plan to reduce carbon emissions, with a long-term goal of zero greenhouse gas emissions. Bowling Green […]

Local Company Assists in Rebuilding Ozone Layer

The United Nations Environment Programme released that by 2035, an estimated 150 million diagnoses of various diseases caused by the hole in the ozone will have been avoided. In 1989 the Montreal Protocol ordered a phase out of certain ODS, in order to save the ozone, having a direct correlation with the dismissal of these diseases. RemTec […]

Are GMOs Really Dangerous?

Almost everything that we consume has been genetically altered in one way or another, which makes it nearly impossible to have a diet that is completely free of genetically modified foods. Many have begun to protest the amount of genetically modified foods that people are consuming.  Some say they are dangerous and will affect us in ways that […]

Mark Hertsgaard speaks on climate change

Were you born after June of 1988? Then, according to author and environmental journalist Mark Hertsgaard, you are a member of Generation Hot. Hertsgaard, the author of Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth, spoke at the 25th Edward Lamb Peace Lecture at Bowling Green State University on March 28 in the Bowen Thompson […]

Bowling Green State University Re-Store

The Re-Store at Bowling Green State University in Ohio promotes the idea of reusing what students already have instead of buying new. Customers can hold their cash; the entire store is free. Bowling Green State University Re-Store from Black Swamp Journal on Vimeo. The Re-Store at BGSU is getting students to remember the three R’s of conservation: […]

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