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History of the Great Black Swamp

Some 20,000 years ago Northwest Ohio was covered by glaciers. These glaciers melted and formed the Great Lakes. But the Great Lakes aren’t the only features left behind by the prehistoric glaciers. One of the largest natural wetlands in Ohio was once in this area and now it is almost completely gone. Wetlands are an […]

Oil Grease To Engine Fuel

Oil Grease To Engine Fuel from Black Swamp Journal on Vimeo. Bowling Green State University’s sustainability coordinator, Nick Hennessy talks about the process of converting left over cooking oil, from the campus’ dinning halls, to diesel engine fuel.

More Organic…Please.

  The annual growth of the billion-dollar organic food industry is reaching college and university campuses.  However, there is only a pinch of organic food on Bowling Green State University’s campus. Bowling Green students have a very limited range of organic products to choose on campus.  At university food stores, such as Outtakes, the only […]

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